A library for working with phylogenetic and population genetic data.
PqueryPlacementPlain Struct Reference

#include <genesis/placement/pquery/plain.hpp>

Detailed Description

Simple POD struct for a Placement used for speeding up some calculations.

It is not as flexible as the default representation, but its memory footprint is compact, because of the lack of pointers. Except for its purpose in some calculations, it is normally not needed for anything else.

Definition at line 51 of file plain.hpp.

Public Attributes

double branch_length
size_t edge_index
double like_weight_ratio
double pendant_length
size_t primary_node_index
double proximal_length
size_t secondary_node_index

Member Data Documentation

◆ branch_length

double branch_length

Definition at line 57 of file plain.hpp.

◆ edge_index

size_t edge_index

Definition at line 53 of file plain.hpp.

◆ like_weight_ratio

double like_weight_ratio

Definition at line 60 of file plain.hpp.

◆ pendant_length

double pendant_length

Definition at line 58 of file plain.hpp.

◆ primary_node_index

size_t primary_node_index

Definition at line 54 of file plain.hpp.

◆ proximal_length

double proximal_length

Definition at line 59 of file plain.hpp.

◆ secondary_node_index

size_t secondary_node_index

Definition at line 55 of file plain.hpp.

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