A library for working with phylogenetic and population genetic data.
core Directory Reference


file  algorithm.hpp [code]
 Provides some valuable algorithms that are not part of the C++ 11 STL.
file  exception.hpp [code]
file  fs.cpp [code]
 Implementation of file system functions.
file  fs.hpp [code]
 Provides functions for accessing the file system.
file  logging.cpp [code]
 Implementation of Logging functions.
file  logging.hpp [code]
 Provides easy and fast logging functionality.
file  options.cpp [code]
 Implementation of Options members.
file  options.hpp [code]
file  std.hpp [code]
 Provides some valuable additions to STD.
file  thread_pool.hpp [code]
file  type_traits.hpp [code]
file  version.hpp [code]
 Some stuff that is totally not imporatant, but nice.