A library for working with phylogenetic and population genetic data.
SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution Class Reference

#include <genesis/placement/simulator/distributions.hpp>

Detailed Description

Generate a certain number of additional PqueryPlacements around a given PlacementTreeEdge.

This class models both the distribution of the number of generated placements and their distribution around the given edge. It is easier to model it this way (both distributions in one class), because they have a dependency: Once the number of placements is drawn, they have to be distributed along the edges of the tree without repetition according to a distribution of distances (path lengths) from the central edge. Doing those two steps in one class is easier.

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Public Member Functions

 SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution ()=default
 SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution (SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution &&)=default
 SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution (SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution const &)=default
 ~SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution ()=default
std::string dump_edge_proximities () const
std::vector< size_t > edge_proximity_maxima () const
std::vector< size_t > generate (PlacementTreeEdge const &edge)
SimulatorExtraPlacementDistributionoperator= (SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution &&)=default
SimulatorExtraPlacementDistributionoperator= (SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution const &)=default
void prepare (Sample const &sample)
 Prepare the distribution for usage. Needs to be called before generate(). More...

Public Attributes

std::vector< double > placement_number_weights
std::vector< double > placement_path_length_weights


struct  EdgeProximity

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution() [1/3]

◆ ~SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution()

◆ SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution() [2/3]

◆ SimulatorExtraPlacementDistribution() [3/3]

Member Function Documentation

◆ dump_edge_proximities()

std::string dump_edge_proximities ( ) const

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◆ edge_proximity_maxima()

std::vector< size_t > edge_proximity_maxima ( ) const

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◆ generate()

std::vector< size_t > generate ( PlacementTreeEdge const &  edge)

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◆ operator=() [1/2]

◆ operator=() [2/2]

◆ prepare()

void prepare ( Sample const &  sample)

Prepare the distribution for usage. Needs to be called before generate().

It expects to be called with the Sample into which the generated (simulated) placements are inserted.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ placement_number_weights

std::vector<double> placement_number_weights

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◆ placement_path_length_weights

std::vector<double> placement_path_length_weights

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