A library for working with phylogenetic and population genetic data.
TableLayout::Line Struct Reference

#include <genesis/utils/text/table.hpp>

Detailed Description

One line of the TableLayout.

This struct has different roles depending on the kind of line:

  • For lines separating parts of the Table (above the header, between header and content, and below the content), the attribute enabled is used when writing to determine whether to write this line at all. Also, the filler is used to fill the width of the columns.
  • For the header line and all content lines, the enabled attribute is ignored (as those lines always need to be written). The filler is also ignored, because instead of it the actual text is written. %

Definition at line 265 of file utils/text/table.hpp.

Public Attributes

bool enabled = false
std::string filler = ""
std::string left_border = ""
std::string right_border = ""
std::string separator = " "

Member Data Documentation

◆ enabled

bool enabled = false

Definition at line 267 of file utils/text/table.hpp.

◆ filler

std::string filler = ""

Definition at line 270 of file utils/text/table.hpp.

◆ left_border

std::string left_border = ""

Definition at line 269 of file utils/text/table.hpp.

◆ right_border

std::string right_border = ""

Definition at line 272 of file utils/text/table.hpp.

◆ separator

std::string separator = " "

Definition at line 271 of file utils/text/table.hpp.

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