A library for working with phylogenetic and population genetic data.
GlmExtras Struct Reference

#include <genesis/utils/math/regression/glm.hpp>

Detailed Description

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Public Types

enum  ResidualType { kDefault, kPearsonResiduals, kDevianceResiduals }

Public Attributes

std::vector< double > initial_fittings
bool mean_deviance = false
 Calculate mean null_deviance and mean deviance instead of their sums. More...
std::vector< double > prior_weights
ResidualType residual_type = ResidualType::kDefault
std::vector< size_t > strata
 Strata assignments coded 1...S. More...
bool with_intercept = true

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ResidualType


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Member Data Documentation

◆ initial_fittings

std::vector<double> initial_fittings

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◆ mean_deviance

bool mean_deviance = false

Calculate mean null_deviance and mean deviance instead of their sums.

By default, (mean_deviance = false), we calculate the null_deviance and deviance as the sum of unit deviances (see GlmFamily::unit_deviance). If we however set mean_deviance = true, we divide these values by the number of data points, that is, we calculate their mean.

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◆ prior_weights

std::vector<double> prior_weights

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◆ residual_type

ResidualType residual_type = ResidualType::kDefault

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◆ strata

std::vector<size_t> strata

Strata assignments coded 1...S.

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◆ with_intercept

bool with_intercept = true

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