A library for working with phylogenetic data.
VcfSpecification Struct Reference

#include <genesis/population/formats/vcf_common.hpp>

Detailed Description

Collect the four required keys that describe an INFO or FORMAT sub-field of VCF/BCF files.

We follow the htslib usage of Number, which is stored as two variables: One for the special specification of the number of values (is it variable or fixed, etc), and, if fixed, the actual value for the number of expected entries, which we here call the number. That number corresponds to the integer value given in the Number key of the INFO or FORMAT line.

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Public Attributes

std::string description
std::string id
int number
VcfValueSpecial special
VcfValueType type

Member Data Documentation

◆ description

std::string description

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◆ id

std::string id

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◆ number

int number

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◆ special

VcfValueSpecial special

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◆ type

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