A toolkit for working with phylogenetic data.
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IndexedListIterator< T > Class Template Reference

#include <genesis/utils/core/indexed_list.hpp>

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class genesis::utils::IndexedListIterator< T >

Definition at line 47 of file indexed_list.hpp.

Public Member Functions

 IndexedListIterator (IndexedList< value_type > &il)
 IndexedListIterator (IndexedList< value_type > &il, size_type pos)
 IndexedListIterator (IndexedListIterator const &x)=default
 IndexedListIterator (IndexedListIterator &&x)=default
 ~IndexedListIterator ()=default
bool operator!= (self_type const &other) const
reference operator* ()
self_typeoperator++ ()
self_type operator++ (int)
pointer operator-> ()
IndexedListIteratoroperator= (IndexedListIterator const &x)=default
IndexedListIteratoroperator= (IndexedListIterator &&x)=default
bool operator== (self_type const &other) const

Public Types

using const_pointer = const value_type *
using const_reference = const value_type &
using pointer = value_type *
using reference = value_type &
using self_type = IndexedListIterator< value_type >
using size_type = size_t
using value_type = T

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 319 of file indexed_list.hpp.

IndexedListIterator ( IndexedList< value_type > &  il,
size_type  pos 

Definition at line 324 of file indexed_list.hpp.

~IndexedListIterator ( )
IndexedListIterator ( IndexedListIterator< T > const &  x)
IndexedListIterator ( IndexedListIterator< T > &&  x)

Member Function Documentation

bool operator!= ( self_type const &  other) const

Definition at line 373 of file indexed_list.hpp.

reference operator* ( )

Definition at line 341 of file indexed_list.hpp.

self_type& operator++ ( )

Definition at line 355 of file indexed_list.hpp.

self_type operator++ ( int  )

Definition at line 361 of file indexed_list.hpp.

pointer operator-> ( )

Definition at line 346 of file indexed_list.hpp.

IndexedListIterator& operator= ( IndexedListIterator< T > const &  x)
IndexedListIterator& operator= ( IndexedListIterator< T > &&  x)
bool operator== ( self_type const &  other) const

Definition at line 368 of file indexed_list.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

using const_pointer = const value_type*

Definition at line 306 of file indexed_list.hpp.

using const_reference = const value_type&

Definition at line 304 of file indexed_list.hpp.

using pointer = value_type*

Definition at line 305 of file indexed_list.hpp.

Definition at line 303 of file indexed_list.hpp.

Definition at line 301 of file indexed_list.hpp.

using size_type = size_t

Definition at line 308 of file indexed_list.hpp.

using value_type = T

Definition at line 300 of file indexed_list.hpp.

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