A library for working with phylogenetic and population genetic data.
FunctionCache< R, A > Member List

This is the complete list of members for FunctionCache< R, A >, including all inherited members.

clear()FunctionCache< R, A >inline
clear_counts()FunctionCache< R, A >inline
const_iterator typedefFunctionCache< R, A >
container_type typedefFunctionCache< R, A >
contains(A const &... arguments) constFunctionCache< R, A >inline
empty() constFunctionCache< R, A >inline
enabled(bool value)FunctionCache< R, A >inline
enabled() constFunctionCache< R, A >inline
FunctionCache(std::function< R(A...)> load_function, size_t shards=256)FunctionCache< R, A >inline
FunctionCache(FunctionCache const &)=deleteFunctionCache< R, A >
FunctionCache(FunctionCache &&)=defaultFunctionCache< R, A >
hit_count() constFunctionCache< R, A >inline
key_type typedefFunctionCache< R, A >
miss_count() constFunctionCache< R, A >inline
operator()(A const &... arguments)FunctionCache< R, A >inline
operator=(FunctionCache const &)=deleteFunctionCache< R, A >
operator=(FunctionCache &&)=defaultFunctionCache< R, A >
shard_sizes() constFunctionCache< R, A >inline
size() constFunctionCache< R, A >inline
size_type typedefFunctionCache< R, A >
value_type typedefFunctionCache< R, A >
~FunctionCache()=defaultFunctionCache< R, A >